In Celebration of

Tanya Crawford

September 27, 1958 -  April 17, 2017

Our family is heartbroken and it is with deepest regrets that we announce that Tanya has peacefully passed away after a long and drawn out struggle against liver cancer at the tender young age of 58.

Born in Kingston, Ontario, Tanya made Montreal her second home and brought us together in so many different ways. She was an amazing and inspiring person, loving spouse and mother, caring teacher, thoughtful sister and aunt, and a true friend to many.

She will be sorely missed by her beloved husband Andy and her three sons Sebastian, Danny, Max and their partners, her sisters Mary Ann, and Trish, brothers Michael, Mark and Patrick and spouses, nieces and nephews, her Lifelong friend and confidant, Debbie with her partner Lucinda. Her close friend Diane and husband Marc, and her in-laws Carmen and Ramon.

Please join us in a celebration of her life’s accomplishments that will be held at the Belvedere Funeral Complex, 22025 Trans-Canada Hwy, Senneville, QC, H9X 3Y1, Tel: (514) 457-4440 on Monday, April 24 2017 from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

A private family Inurnment in an outdoor Columbarium, escorted by the Montreal Pipe and Drums for our dearest beloved Tanya, will be held at a later date.

The family wishes to thank the personnel of the Montreal Jewish Hospital, the CLSC of Vaudreuil / Dorion and the Palliative Care Residence Vaudreuil Soulange in Hudson Quebec for their considerate and compassionate care. We also thank The Belvedere Funeral Complex for the extra attention given in these overwhelming moments, all of the Dorset elementary school community for their support and finally the Montreal Pipe and Drums for making her wish a reality.

If you wish in lieu of flowers, a donation to the Palliative Care Residence Vaudreuil Soulange in Hudson Quebec would be greatly appreciated.

You can also visit: to read this obituary in the Kingston Whig Standard.


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Andrew Kovacs and family (Friend)

Entered April 18, 2017 from Saint-Constant

We mourn the loss but celebrate her life, her laugh, and fondness for her.

Patrick Crawford (Brother)

Entered April 18, 2017 from London, Ontario

I am going to miss you so so much my big little sister. You were and will always be an inspiration for me. Love you!

Franca Confente and Frank Ricciardi (Friend)

Entered April 18, 2017 from Laval, Quebec

Good-bye dear friend, I will treasure our friendship forever. Your laughter and great sense of humor will never be forgotten. It is an honour to have had you in my life.
My sincere condolences to the family.

Luke & Luann McAndrews (Nephew)

Entered April 18, 2017 from Ashland, NH USA

Our deepest sympathies to the Peris and Crawford families. Tanya will forever be in our hearts. We will miss you dearly. Love Always, Luke and Luann xoxo

Angel crawford (Stuarts ex wife)

Entered April 18, 2017 from Ottawa

I will miss you greatly

Life Stories 

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Andy Peris (Husband)

Entered May 5, 2017

Hello everyone, this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Besides being married to Tanya
I want to quickly thank everyone in our family, friends and loving community who have helped us in so many ways over the past weeks. Your help, your conversation, your laughs, and your hugs have kept our family strong during this time of grief. Most of all Tanya would have been overwhelmed by all the love of her family and friends in this room today.
Well, How do I begin ahh yes:
o Irreplaceable, Tanya Elizabeth Crawford, born and raised in Kingston Ontario, daughter of the late Harold and Mary Crawford, was one of six brothers and sisters, always surrounded by her loved ones she establishes at an early age the importance of a close knit family. Tanya instilled the same principles in every place that we lived, she would say that “home is where you hang your hat!” She would welcome everyone into her home with open arms
o Our adventure started back in 1985, my life had just taken a new turn and I ended up in Belleville, Ontario (of all places) and that’s where Tanya and I met. Some mutual friends decided that we should meet, so a blind date was set up to go see the movie “back to the future”. When we first met I was very intrigued by her stylish glasses, so I sat down and started to watch the hockey game on TV. Being the shy guy that I am, I laid on the Peris charm and finely convinced her to ride with me. We watched the movie, didn’t even try anything, a true gentleman I was, we walked back to the car, I opened her side door, went around got in and started the car or at least I tried to. No go, click, click … she began laughing at me, my pride was hurt and I told her to shut the F.. Up. She just laughed even harder. (You know the kind of laughter that makes you want to go pee!) Something special happened at that moment, her laugh was so contagious, that I started to laugh with her, we became instant friends. A beautiful friendship had flourished.
o I proposed to her at my friend’s wedding back in Montreal a few months later and she just answered, “Ask me again when you’re sober”. Just before Christmas that same year I proposed again with a ring in hand, we were Married in March of 86, we immediately relocated to Ecuador South America, we learnt to live together, just her and I against the world we were unbeatable, unstoppable. Travelling to different places, Canada to the United States to South America to Europe to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean. What a life. Four years quickly passed when we decided it was time, to start our family unfortunately natural conception was out of the question, so we adopted Sebastian, and we finally settled down, back home in Canada where we were surprized and blessed with our sons Danny and Max a few years later.
o What more could anybody ask for. One adventure into another, never a dull moment, a few scaring ones (Like a 7.6 earthquake) but nevertheless never dull!
o Pat Kelly our priest that married us warned me you’ll have your hands full! he said
o I guess I was so infatuated with Tanya and didn’t see the signs, not that it mattered, besides I was personally threatened by family members that they would come after me.
o Tanya always knew the true meaning of "Family" and her most precious gift to us was her unconditional love and support. Tanya loved and was most proud of her children, Sebastian, Danny and Max, they could do no wrong.
I would like to share some of her favorite things:
o Her signature style, her socks, her many theme socks she would always wear, she had socks for every possible imaginable occasion or holiday and was never afraid to show them off.
o Canada goose, Her other “boys”, (You don’t know how many times she scraped the sidewalks with the car watching these birds flying around.)
o Shopping, (there’s an understatement),
o Organizing Christmas fares and/or parades, reunions of all kinds and parties, she was so dedicated to the different causes.
o Shopping,
o Equestrian (I bet none of you knew about that one) she loved watching horse jumping over obstacles , her and suki our cat would just sit there watching the competition, very strange relationship those two.
o Figure skating, glued to the TV or when they were in Montreal she would also go. She knew pretty much every skater and their routines.
o The Olympic and Paralympics, winter and summer games, she would confiscate the TV and nobody was allowed to use it until it was all over. We were blessed when we got to go to the winter BC Olympics back in 2010 what an experience that was and to see her face light up, Priceless!
o Shopping, in BC too.
o Crossword puzzles, Reading, (lots and lots and all kinds of books most of them in less than one day, thank god for second hand book stores),
o Nintendo video games enough to warrant a cortisone shot in her thumb
o Music from listening to playing, a very big part of her life and now ours,
o Chocolate wrap massages, FYI the chocolate is very sour
o The telephone, hours upon hours of endless conversations, gee, I wonder where she got that from oh yah, Mary, her mom!
o her flower gardens with her father’s peenies that came from his garden back in Gananoque, Grass and all
o And of course a good party no matter what occasion …
o Did I mention shopping…?
o Favorite saying was “that’s it that’s all!” Case closed! No matter if she was right or wrong!
o “Kiss Me” was also another favorite, it would drive me nuts. But then she would pucker up her lips and pretended to be a fish I guess, how could I resist! Take a moment right now look into each other eyes and ladies say these words to your partners, Kiss me! Pucker up! And partners come on let them have it. Eeuu! Isn’t it annoying?
o Tanya loved life and lived each day to its fullest. She always danced to her own step. Tanya fought her disease harder and more courageous than anyone I have ever known. That fight sadly ended on April 17 2017, surrounded by her family and friends knowingly she was loved. I know in my heart, she was prepared, I saw it in her eyes. She is at peace. God has his own special plan for her now.
o Tanya touched hundreds of people. She was a fun loving gal, who brightened our lives with her smile and grace, joy and laughter. She had an infectious smile & laugh, great style, wit, and generosity like no other, constantly inspiring and helping others. We honor Tanya and the good she has brought to each and all of us.
o To quote a couple of great movies that have impacted our lives I will end this with:
From “Back to the future” I will always carry you in my heart, Tanya my true friend, I will miss you “To Infinity and beyond” Thank you Andy Peris

Deb Brennen (Close Friend)

Entered May 6, 2017 from Kingston , Ontario

Tanya... my true friend
It was Spring
On my knees in the garden beneath the blue sky
With my hands in the soil
I looked up, and hesitated to ask ….why?
My eyes closed now to stop the flood
Then slowly opening them, seeing our first bud.

The air above me spirals,
into an eastward wind
A seed of hope it will carry
For you to plant my friend
Sing to me the message of,
“the Eagle, Rainbows & number 1”
Once again lets go there
Like we’ve only just begun.

The summer has come and gone,
our gardens they did grow.
With each visit my heart lifted
And yet saddened when I’d Go

“Four Green Fields”
“This Old Guitar”
Songs from our yesterday’s
you’d sing on your guitar
Remember the Du Maurier Cigarettes
Drinking pots and pots of tea
We shared stories filled with Laughter Love and Growing
As the years passed between you and me.

Roads traveled, so far away and apart
I kept a burning ember, tucked safe inside my heart
In case we’d meet again,
Our friendships memory it would spark…..

And Then… Like unexpected winter rain
The embers light sparked once again
It shone in the face of this little man
I’ve come to know and Love,

So once in your song
“We’ve only just begun”… we sang along.
One Son , Two Sons, then Three.
Danny then Max
Completed yours & Andy’s
The years once again passed
Like each written page
in a good book
Swift and sure
As a new springs
Babbling brook

Where am I going with this?
You are wondering My Friend
I just wanted to let you know
That our friendship and Love
Will never end!

It will dance on the wings tips of Johnathon
Over the Mountains, across a crystal blue sea
Carrying our song
As The Rainbow
Stretches out
For ever
. . . My FRIEND
Love Deb


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