In Celebration of

Stephanie Anne Dragatakis

June 22, 1987 -  July 20, 2020

Sometimes it was all so simple, a good book, a comfortable chair and the pair of needy black cats hanging around, tails flicking over tales. Other times it had been more complicated, like when the gunman opened fire in Dawson College and she had to crouch in the corridor out of range and out of sight. Something of a contrarian, an alternate path was always more interesting than straight ahead. As a certified chef, Steph relished encountering runcible spoons in her road. Life was like the food she served and prepared, meant to be savored and enjoyed. And there was no better place for that than Montreal.

Somewhat of a rebellious student while attending Lower Canada College, Stephanie contemplated a future in law anyway. Ultimately, she decided fusty arcana did not suit her temperament. Stephanie spent her entire career in the service industry, often working two jobs. For a few years she took three shifts a week at a downtown pub. Frequently sporting a Castro cap, Stephanie was five feet of no-nonsense behind her bar, pepper spray close at hand. Like her regulars who adored her, she knew exactly what was wrong with the Montreal Canadiens.

The first concert Stephanie attended was performed by the Rolling Stones. Might as well start at the top and there was no better escort that night than her stepfather Allen. Her younger brother Nik, an accomplished musician and composer, is a jazz fiend. Her older brother, Cas is also a certified chef. She thought they all complemented each other perfectly. At the regular Sunday suppers with three generations around the table, there was always a lot to discuss and challenge each other with. Often, they would conspire to drive her mother Anne to distraction. Wind Mom up and watch her go.

Thirty-three years in her journey, Stephanie’s life was coming together according to her vision. The coronavirus pandemic was just another bump in the road, something to get over or around. She had a good job and she loved it. She had true and loyal friends who valued her. She’d met the right man, and reveled in a loving giving relationship.

Stephanie died after an accidental fall at home. Despite immediate and expert intervention, she could not survive. The family would like to express their deep gratitude to Dr. Marcoux and the neurosurgical team for all you did for Steph. Thank you to the staff and nurses at the MGH neuro ICU for your compassionate and expert care. Thank you to Wendy, Transplant Coordinator, MUHC and Stephanie Pelletier, Transplant Quebec Coordinator for your sensitivity and attention. Lastly, thank you, Vynka et al.

The funeral will be held at Mount Royal Cemetery in private due to the pandemic. We look forward to a future celebration of Stephanie’s life.
In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Stephanie’s name to Plan Canada, an organization that provides health care and education to children in the third world.


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Édith Asselin (Ann’s co-worker)

Entered July 27, 2020 from Montréal

Dear Ann

I’m so deeply sorry for the lost of your daughter...!
My prayers are for you and Allan and Nick( and family)
Je comprends ta peine et aucun mot ne peut
soulager cette perte immense.
Sincèrement, toutes mes condoléances...


Janet Hossack (Life-long friend)

Entered July 28, 2020 from PEI

Dearest Anne and Al, Nik and Caz,
So many things to say to you as you begin this sudden and unexpected journey. The wonderful memories of thirty-three years together is a joy that will sustain you through this journey. Steph's spirit is in you and with you and so you will never be alone. We celebrate your beautiful and talented clever and kind.
May God bless you!! With our love, Janet, Pamela, Duncan

Patrick Willemot (co-worker)

Entered July 29, 2020 from Montréal

Hi Anne,
Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.
Although we hadn't met Stephanie, we read the tribute to her and smiled as we see a lot of you in her.
Patrick and Thomas

Pauline Innis (friend and colleague of Anne)

Entered July 29, 2020 from charlottetown,PEI

I'm so sorry Anne for your loss, as a mother this is heartbreaking. Thinking of you and your family and praying for you.

Rachel Garcia (Dr. Anne Moore's surgical suite colleague)

Entered July 29, 2020 from PEI

Dear Anne,

Holding you and your family and Stephanie's friends close in my heart during this heavy time. My deepest condolences are with you, and may you be surrounded in love, prayer, and support. Bless you and your precious memories and time with Stephanie.