In Celebration of

Sophia Pappas (Zevgoli)

November 12, 1931 -  December 4, 2021

It is with tremendous grief and sadness that we announce the passing of Mrs. Sophia Pappas (Zevgoli), on December 4th 2021, with family by her side, at the "Centre Marie-Berthe Couture", in Granby, Quebec. Devoted wife of the late Bill ‘’Vasilios’’ Protopapas, and daughter of the late Ekaterini and the late Nicholaos Zevgolis. Loving mother of Catherine (Claude) and Jane (Hadi), and cherished grandmother of Madelyne. She also leaves behind her nephew, cousins, and many other family members and friends. All are left to mourn the wonderful person, mother and pillar of the family and the community that she was.

Heartfelt thanks to the 3rd floor team of the Centre Marie-Berthe Couture for their compassionate care and support, and to Mrs. Pierrette Domingue for her devoted care.

Cremation took place at the Granby crematorium of Les Jardins Funéraires Bessette. A ceremony will take place Tuesday the 21st of December at the Mount-Royal Funeral Complex, 1297 Chemin de la Forêt, Outremont, Qc, H2V 2P9, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm (514 279-6540). The family will receive condolences from 1:00 till 3:00 pm and a funeral service will follow from 3:00 till 4:00 pm in the Chapel. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Sophia loved poetry and song. This song by Sophia’s daughter Jane and from both daughters is for her and for all those having lost someone as irreplaceable as her:


Από τα σπλάχνα του κορμιού σου
Μου έδωσες ζωή
Και απ’την καρδιά σου
Ζεστασιά και αγάπη ειλικρινή.

Να ήμουν πάλι παιδί!
Να με αγκαλιάσεις
Και το χέρι σου
Στην ωμοπλάτη μου να μπει!

Δεν είναι έτσι η ζωή...
Ο καιρός μας τρώει
Και δεν έχει κρίμα
Η λογική
Να πει.

Μητέ-έ-έρα :
Αν θέλεις να σε βρω!!
Στον όμορφο Tον ουρανό!!
Μόνο μια λέξη σου να βρω!!
Και σου υπόσχομαι : θα είμαστε πάλι οι δυο!!

Χωρίς εσένα όλα νεκρά
Χωρίς νόημα
Χωρίς αξία
Και πέφτω ξανά και ξανά
Σ’αυτά τα πολύ βαθιά νερά.


Στάχτη! (Που είσαι Μαμά;) είσαι
Στάχτη! (Που είμαι Μαμά;) είμαι
Στάχτη! (Τι έγινες Μαμά;), έγινες
Στάχτη! (Καλά έκανες Μαμά), είμαστε όλοι Στάχτη!


From the very bowels of your body
You gave me life
And from your heart
Warmth and love sincere.

If only a child I were again!
For you to hug me
and for your hand
to lock into my shoulder blade perfectly!

Life is not like that...
Time eats away at us
and life has no pity
or logic
of which to speak.

If you want me to find you !!
In His beautiful sky !!
Just one of your words to find me !!
And I promise you: again we shall be two!!

Without you everything is ghostly
Void of meaning
Void of value
And I fall again and again
In the very deep waters.


Ashes! (Where are you Mom?) You are
Ashes! (Where am I Mom?) I am
Ashes! (What did you become Mom?), You became
Ashes! (Well done Mom), we are all


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Marlene Ayotte 

Entered December 20, 2021 from Montreal

Dear Cathy, Jane and family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was an extremely generous and kind woman who loved beauty and would share her home with friends and family, I spent many hours in your family home and I can say that it was always filled with love and kindness.
My Deepest Sympathies.

Carole Joubert (amis)

Entered December 21, 2021 from Mc Masterville

Je vous offre mes plus sincères condoléances à toi Catherine et Claude ainsi qu'à toute ta famille. Je garderai toujours un bon souvenir de Sophia et de son beau sourire.




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