In Celebration of

Rosette "Rosy" Magni Casazza

December 15, 1936 -  December 5, 2018

This is the story of Rosette Magni Casazza, wife to one, mother to three, nonna to seven and friend to so many. It is with great unexpected sadness that I write this but at the same time so happy to know and express the wonderful story of her life. We all know her as Rosy or Nonna and sometimes scema and or mona depending on whom she was talking to, funny to say the least. She was full of life, drive and spunk and she had so much love for her family.

My mothers story starts December 15th 1936 in Brussels Belgium the youngest daughter to Umberto and Yvonne. She spent her childhood, grew up and made many lifelong friends in Brussels. She remained in contact with them 80 years on. As she grew up she came to love the arts and therefore studied at Les Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles. She met my Father Ennio Casazza in Brussels through one of his trips to Brussels when she was about 20, they dated and soon fell in love. My Father boarded the Carinthia - Cunard in 1957 from Liverpool to Halifax where he the came to Montreal to find work and set up life for them in Canada. In 1958 they came back to settle here and they were married in Montreal on May 8th 1958 she was just 22 years old. They soon after settled in a middle class suburb in east Toronto, the Markham area and then spent the next thirteen years raising three children Patrizia, Martine and Mark, working hard and making many friends. Rosy took her artistic talents with her and started making her signature unique stained glass art work framed in plaster of paris, framed to hang as a painting. She kept this amazing talent, expanded it and has painted many oil and water colours as well. She has made so many beautiful unique pieces, we are so lucky to have them with us. Rosy so loved her home making it warm, cosy and full of all kinds of trinkets, decorative things and her amazing artwork. Everywhere you look you can see her in everything.

About thirteen years later my father had a once in a lifetime offer to work in Montreal and without hesitation they moved here and stayed in the West Island for the next 45 years. She continued her artwork which she loved so much raised us kids and worked retail for many years. She has made so many life long friends along the years. Everyone who met her loved her so much. She was friendly, only if she liked you, down to earth and could easily make you laugh with her quirky mannerisms. She spoke her mind and could put you in your place and at the same time she could make it real and you would know it was for your own good. Nothing mattered more than her family. She will be so greatly missed by every one, but there is so much abundance in her amazing legacy that she will live on forever in all our hearts for those she has touched.


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Miriam Hajj 

Entered December 8, 2018

Mrs C , to me . 💔 At one point in my life she was my second mother. I sat with her more than I stayed with Mark. Lol ...and he was my boyfriend. We had tea every night and biscottis . I was only 12 when we first met. 43 years later you are all in my thought and will always be in my heart. Family forever . What a wonderful women. She will be greatly missed. Love Miriam

Kathy Jane (Life Long Family Friend, niece of the heart)

Entered December 8, 2018 from Abbotsford, BC Canada

My heart goes out to Uncle Ennio, Patrizia, Martinne, Mark and all the grandchildren.
Auntie Rosy was very special to me, I've known her as my Aunt my whole life.
We were two neighbouring, immigrant families; mine from Wales & England, Eunice and John Thompson and my sister and brother, Maralyn & Alan and the Cassaza's from Belgium & Italy, with their little girl, Patrizia. We were all so truly blessed to be together at that time. My Mum and Auntie Rosy were pregnant at the same time, Mum with me and Auntie Rosy with Martinne. A very loving friendship grew into an extended family for us all. We shared every holiday and birthday. We were all so happy to have "Mickey Marko", Mark, join the family. I have so many happy memories of our times together, I will always treasure. I saved every letter and Christmas card. My parents have long ago passes away but Auntie Rosy and Uncle Ennio kept me in their hearts and stayed in contact to let me know they loved me. I will miss my Auntie's distinctive voice and magical way of making me feel so loved across the miles. Heaven has a lovely angel and I feel her close to me inside in my heart always.

Nancy (Mother Inlaw (x))

Entered December 8, 2018 from Sainte Anne de Bellevue

You are beautiful inside and out, we will all dearly miss you.

Norma (Friends mom)

Entered December 8, 2018 from Vaudreuil

Well rosy .you were one beautiful person .you made me laugh sending me all those funny memes on Facebook. I will promise you one thing and its: i promise to be there for your daughter martine and be the best friend i could possibly be .look over everyone and show them your around .❤

Ghorayeb's family (Friends with Patricia)

Entered December 8, 2018 from Dollard des Ormeaux

May her soul be in paradise.
God bless her family.
Christ is risen.


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