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Patrick Wedd

January 4, 1948 -  May 19, 2019

Patrick Wedd, church musician, organist, composer, choral conductor and founding director of the choral ensemble Musica Orbium, died peacefully on May 19, 2019 at age 71. He is survived by his husband Robert Wells, his sisters Penny and Pam, and Pam’s partner Jane, along with Wedd and Wells family in-laws and countless friends and musicians whose lives were touched by his gentle spirit and passion for music.
A service in celebration of his life will take place on Friday, May 31, 2019 at 2 pm at Christ Church Cathedral, 635 Ste-Catherine St west. A Visitation will be held at the Cathedral on Thursday, May 30, 2019 from 5 pm to 7 pm. In lieu of flowers, a donation in his memory could be made to the Patrick Wedd Music Fund in support of the on-going music program of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Bertrand)

Patrick Wedd, musicien d’église, organiste, compositeur, chef de chœur et directeur fondateur de l’ensemble vocal Musica Orbium, est décédé paisiblement le 19 mai 2019 à l’âge de 71 ans. Il laisse dans le deuil son conjoint Robert Wells, ses sœurs Penny et Pam, et Jane, sa partenaire de vie, ainsi que les belles-familles Wedd et Wells, sans compter les nombreux amis et musiciens dont les vies ont été touchées par sa gentillesse et sa passion pour la musique. Un service funèbre pour célébrer sa vie aura lieu le vendredi 31 mai 2019 à 14 h à la cathédrale Christ Church, 635 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal (Québec). La famille recevra les condoléances à la Cathédrale le jeudi 30 mai 2019, de 17 h à 19 h. Au lieu de fleurs, vos marques de sympathie peuvent se traduire par un don au Fonds Patrick Wedd pour la musique en soutien au programme musical de la cathédrale Christ Church de Montréal. (Photo gracieuseté de Katrina Bertrand)


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Paul Mitchell (Former student)

Entered May 26, 2019 from Seattle, Washington

I owe my my more than 40 years of musical service to churches to the inspiration Patrick provided me as a teenager. His contribution to music was inestimable and he will be missed. May he Rest In Peace with choirs of angels.

Monica Bhattacharya (Chorister and friend)

Entered May 27, 2019 from Greenfield Park

I joined Musica Orbium in 1994. I was 32 and I thought it was so cool that Rob gave me 32 as my chorister number. I realized in a very short time what a privilege I had been granted to sing with Patrick.

Not a concert went by that I didn't thank my stars that Patrick had let me join Musica Orbium. I always thought that I wasn't good enough to belong, but he had faith in me and made me a part of that very special, close-knit, extremely talented, wonderful group. I sang amazing, unusual, heart-rending, crazy, wonderful pieces. Patrick expanded my musical horizons incredibly.

When I heard that Patrick had left us, my heart plummeted and a part of my soul died. Patrick was a special part of my life. I had never imagined life without him there to conduct And I am wounded beyond repair

I lost my father 6 months ago. My mom, who had been with him for 60 years said, " I send Rob all my love and support. I know some of what he is feeling now. Patrick was so special. And now both of us are bereft. It is we who remain that have to face the darkness of living every moment of our remaining lives without the light of the ones we loveď."

My deepest sympathies to all who loved Patrick. 💖


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