In Celebration of

Irini Chionis (née Gikas)

August 23, 1939 -  June 22, 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our wonderful Mother, Irini Gikas Chionis.She leaves in mourning her loving husband of 58 years, Theologos.Her children Christos,Nick(Patti),Maria(Yanni).All her loving family,church friends from Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church, neighbors,and all her fans that kept on asking about her and praying so hard for her, from her beloved son in law Yanni’s convenience store in dania beach florida. Ahmed, thank you so much for your kindness with our mother and all of us. Naoul thank you for your kindness. Dr. Vitou, we miss you so very much.Our life was never the same without you. Dr. Becker we will never forget your kindness. Dr. Vitou and Dr. Becker, they do not make doctors like you anymore, major unfortunately.Michelle L., thank you for answering my emails. You made my life easier.Baba,(our angel and Manoula’s angel) you took amazing, loving care of our Manoula at home. You gave our Manoula better care than 20 trained professionals. You kept our Manoula alive for us all these years. You never put her in a nursing home, you knew if you put her there, she would not even make it for 2 weeks. Baba, you are the best baba in the world and without you, Manoula , would never have lived this long.You always had our Manoula like a princess at home.Baba you were Manoula’s oxygen.Manoula and all of us will always love you , Baba. Baba ,you and Manoula gave us a wonderful life. Yanni,my husband, you are the best husband ever. You made it happen for me to send me to my parents every month for five years , so I can be with my wonderful parents, in montreal from Dania Beach Florida. My mother prayed so hard for many years ( it was not easy)to find such a loving husband.Manoula, you never thought about yourself. You loved your family and your church. Manoula, we wanted you forever, we never gave up on you. How could we? You never gave up on us. You and Baba gave us a wonderful life. Manoula we tried to save you when you went to “the hospital “march31,2020-April 18, 2020, but there was a bad flu going on and they did not let me and Baba stay there with you ,to make sure you are safe. Remember, Manoula me and Baba were always with you in the hospital 24/7(we took turns)so we can bring you home alive?They did not let us this time. We could not save you this time. Everyone was panicking in the hospital. This bad flu going around did not discriminate, so everyone was taking it personally in the hospital. They forgot how to take care of the elderly.Except, for a few angels out there. Hard to find, these days. Manoula, do not ever forget, you are the best Manoula in the world.Nick told me to remind you , in case you forgot. To everyone out there who I did not mention, that really cared about my mother, thank you so much.To everyone out there that take loving care of your elderly parents, husband, wife, etc. , do not let them break you. They will try hard to break you. If they break you, get back up and keep fighting for your parents, by not giving up on them. When they say to put your mother ( anyone they mention)in a nursing home, say, No Thank You. Never give up and never stop asking questions. Manoula, we tried so hard to keep you forever, but this time , we could not save you. We were not allowed in the hospital. You never gave up for your life. You kept on staying strong so you can go home to Baba. In the hospital they thought you only had a couple days left to live.You kept on living because you were taking every breath so you can go home to baba.You were fighting so hard . Until we got “that call” everyone talks about. And, then we realized our lives will never be the same. Do not worry Manoula, Theouli will take excellent care of you now.Do not worry Manoula, Theouli will make your hip well again ( he will not drop you on the floor like they did in “the hospital “ ) They got “scared” in the hospital and when they dropped you and did not take xrays and never gave you antibiotics to save you from getting sepsis. They could have saved you Manoula. They panicked Manoula when they dropped you and looked the other way.And, they sent you home . It said stable on discharge papers.But, they sent you home with a broken hip and sepsis . We did not know you had a broken hip and sepsis. Theouli will Never panic and look the other way. We love you always and forever. Do not worry Manoula, I will keep praying that all the elderly people will get better care in the hospitals all over the world. And, I will continue going to church. With prayers, Anything is possible.


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Cassandra Wilson 

Entered June 24, 2020 from Charlotte

My sincerest condolences to the family. Praying for the PEACE of God to COMFORT and keeps the family together..🌻

Family Vrionis 

Entered June 24, 2020

Our deepest sympathy as we are saddened with the loss of your Mother. May the memory of your Mother give you comfort and her legacy live through you all. God Bless your family in these difficult times.

Family Vrionis 

Entered June 24, 2020

Our you deepest sympathy for the loss of your wife and mothers. May her memory of her give you comfort and her legacy live through you all. God Bless your family in these difficult times.

Christos Chionis (Nephew)

Entered June 24, 2020 from Montreal

I was heartbroken to learn of Aunt Irene’s passing and at the same time words seem to small to express the sadness I feel. I pray that you have found your home with God and watch over us all in these difficult times. Aunt Irene you will be so terribly missed. For Uncle Theologos and children Maria Nick Christos I wish you love to bring confort and courage to face the days ahead.Have forever happy memories of your angel mom in your hearts R I P Aunt Irene ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Naoual Bakir 

Entered June 24, 2020 from Montréal

Toutes mes condoleance maria je l'ai toujours traité comma ma maman ,tt mes pensés avec vous .


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