In Celebration of

Erwin Rosenfeld

March 13, 1938 -  December 11, 2021

de a pururea te vom păstra in memorie și în suflet.

Odihneștete în pace


wir werden Dich ewig in Erinnerung und im Herzen bewahren.

Ruhe in Frieden


we will remember you forever and keep you in our souls.

Rest in peace


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Sonja (Niece)

Entered December 18, 2021 from Lodi

Thank you fir having been the one who encouraged me focussing my talents, taught me to evaluate internationil cuisine and nevertheless supporting me in realizing my dream to live in Italy where i got to know the love of my life and my best italian friend, Francesca whom you defintely meet up there.
Thank you for having been simply yourself although it was not always easy to bear you.

Farewell, I love you

Cora Doda (Friend)

Entered December 18, 2021 from Sibiu

I cannot believe this is goodbye !

I loved all your visits to Sibiu, and I was impressed how deeply attached you still were to your hometown, to the Romanian cuisine and local delicacies. The parties you organised for your childhood friends were so much fun!

I admired you talent for languages and you were the one who encouraged me to study modern languages, you supported me with dictionaries and books în English and French and look, now I teach English and I've got a degree in both English and French!

I loved getting postcards from all the places you visited! I loved hearing all the funny stories from your travels, and I can only hope I'll get to see those places myself.

I will miss you dearly! REST IN PEACE!

Renate Rosenfeld (Schwägerin)

Entered December 21, 2021 from Krefeld

Lieber Erwin,
ich hätte Dir noch so viele schöne und gesunde Tage,Monate und Jahre gewünscht.
Doch das Schicksal wollte es anders. Leider !!
Du warst so sonderbar und exzentrisch und gerade deshalb wurdest Du von so vielen Menschen bewundert, hart nach außen aber immer gut zu denen die Dir nahe standen.
Wir waren Deine Familie, besonders Ronald und Sonja die Du sehr geliebt und bewundert hast.
Du hast uns ermutigt einen so wichtigen Entschluß in unserem Leben zu treffen und dafür danken wir Dir.

Ruhe in Frieden

Jessica Leitner 

Entered December 22, 2021 from Montreal


Thank you for keeping my grandmother such great company throughout the years and taking her to see the world.

We always enjoyed your visits and although they weren't frequent, they always resulted in a lot of laughs and fond memories.

Rest in peace and may your travels continue.

Nicu Goia (Prieten)

Entered December 22, 2021 from Sibiu, Romania

Cu foarte mare tristete ii trimit un ultim omagiu celui mai vechi prieten si coleg de scoala. Nu te voi uita niciodata!

I am very sad to say goodbye to my classmate and life-long friend. I will never forget you!


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